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rosa plena

Camellia: Rosa Plena
Latin Name: Camellia Japonica 'Rosea Plena'
rosa plena
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  Camellia: Rosa Plena
   Latin Name:  Camellia Japonica 'Rosea Plena'


  • This Taller Camellia Blooms in Mid-Winter to Early Spring. Its Blossoms are a Showy Rose Pink Framed by Glossy Evergreen Leaves. It Reaches 10-12 Feet Tall (3-10 Feet Wide) and Performs Well as a Hedge or Accent.

    Amount of Sunlight: Full Sun or Partial Shade.
    Amount of Water: Water Regularly; More Frequent Watering In Extreme Heat.
    Soil Conditions: Prefers Moist, Well-Drained Soil.
    Cold Hardiness Zone: 7-10.
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